Planning your day can be one of the most beneficial things we do whether we are planning a wedding or not. Wedding planning can be amongst the busiest times especially if you’re working or looking after a family at the same time.

Not all of us are good at planning and coordinating these events. Not all of us are great at the DIY decorating. Source people who are good at these things and remember your own strengths might lie in other directions.

I believe that people set out with the best intentions in the world to plan everything with plenty of time, but seem to end up leaving everything till the last minute. Then the planning is rushed, budgets are blown and the bride and groom take on everything themselves. It becomes a very tiresome exercise. So, make lists, let people help, don’t be afraid to delegate to people who have strengths you might not have, but be involved, find reliable babysitters so you can work uninterrupted. Remember this is your day not someone else’s! Eat, Drink, and sleep well!

Consider natural therapies – massage, acupuncture, yoga and pilates might all help to take the emphasis away from the wedding and give you something else to do.

Essential Oils

Essential oils will also help with so many different emotions as you plan your special day.

  • Basil will help with tiredness, negativity, anxiousness and tiredness! This oil will energize renew and rejuvenate and strengthen your inner resolve.
  • Lavender will promote relaxation and sleep.
  • Citrus oils are great for energising and mood stabilisation (and even for cleaning)
  • Peppermint is uplifting, can be used as a breath freshener or help with digestion
  • Ginger is great for nausea and tummy upsets

For more information on these wonderful products that can be used throughout your whole life, contact me or Desiree.



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