When Johanna and Marcelle were deciding on a venue for their wedding, Kings Park became the obvious choice – they had spent many of their dating hours there! The couple chose Marlee Pavilion which has an incredible view over the Swan River and is private enough for a wedding service without the general public passing by.

Wednesday the 21st January saw the whole family up at sunrise and driving to Kings Park for an early start.

Once there, we set up the equipment and then had breakfast while we waited for the guests to arrive. It was rather beautiful being there so early – there were very few people, the birds were singing, there were boats and a seaplane on the river below us, and we had time to enjoy the quiet before the madness! The air was cool but we could feel the warmth in the breeze, promising to be a hot day!

The bride and groom had gone to a lot of trouble for their big day. They had organised picnic hampers for their guests from Sweet Dreams Foods, Johanna had made pillows for everyone and also supplied blankets for the picnics. Marcelle and his son arrived to help set everything up, and amongst the nerves, managed to find time to take a photo with his son – both looking very dapper in their tuxes.

Once Johanna arrived, it was lovely to see the love shining from them both. They didn’t let go of each others hands and spent most of the service gazing at each other. Marcelle’s son had written his own tribute to his Dad and Johanna and it was amazing how poised his delivery was. The Maid of Honour, Tilley, also offered a reading and managed to make everyone laugh. The service was streamed live to Johanna’s family in Sweden as her parents could not travel to Perth. Johanna’s parents kindly sent us an email with a secret letter to the couple. This was read out to them during the service and provided a few giggles and quite a few tears!

The couple read their secret vows to each other (from scrolls that my wife and I hand-made in the couples chosen colour scheme) and drank a unity toast to each other before being pronounced husband and wife.

Altogether a very beautiful morning a celebration of the love that Johanna and Marcelle share. We wish them all the very best for their future lives and hope to remain in touch.

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