Lorraine and Dave’s wedding was held at The Mallard Duck at midday on 24th January 2015, and was the first of two for the day.

Lorraine and Dave met 17 years ago whilst overseas studying. When Dave returned to the Seychelles they kept in touch. Lorraine was a poor student unable to afford the telephone call so Dave used to do all the talking. Something he said during those calls must have kept the romance flowing because they continued their romance once Lorraine returned to Seychelles. They chose to immigrate to Australia with their two beautiful girls and have been so busy, they never found the time to marry.

DesireĆ© met Lorraine at the children’s piano lesson a few years ago. Whilst the kids played, the adults got talking and Lorraine asked about my services. It was such a surprise when they came for their first meeting and we realised the connection. Such a small world.

Lorraine and Dave chose to have a very small, intimate wedding service at The Mallard Duck, with only themselves, the two girls and two witnesses. They exchanged vows that they had written secretly, and the girls read a composition they made for their parents. The parents hope is that the girls don’t have to wait 17 years to marry the people they love!

If you are looking for a venue for a wedding, The Mallard Duck (map here) would certainly be worth considering. It is a beautiful venue for a wedding service and the owner has developed the grounds magnificently. The lake is populated by ducks, there are llamas in the surrounding paddocks and the food and service are highly recommended.

We wish the family much joy and love as they continue their commitment to each other!

John Dendy J.D. Celebrancy

0439 821 195