Winter can sometimes produce the most amazing weather and for Sarah and Jason’s wedding, Coogee Beach proved to be just beautiful.

The sun was shining, a gentle breeze kept the air crisp and the high tides were just receding. It was 1000am in the morning so the sun was behind us as we joined these two in marriage. Sarah and Jason had originally planned their marriage for later in the year, but had to bring it forward once their plans to move back to Tasmania were finalised. Unfortunately it meant that a lot of their family and friends were not able to attend. We had planned on lighting candles to remember absent family and friends, but the wind had other ideas. Sarah and Jason’s little boy also found the proceedings a little overwhelming and Mum had to cuddle him through the second half of the service. He was right there, between Mum and Dad, as they exchanged their first kiss and I guess that is what family is all about.

Sarah and Jason also chose to write their own secret vows and Desiree and I were privileged to be able to make them a set of personalised vow scrolls. We hope that they will become a treasured memory for the couple to take back to Tasmania where they will be having a second Commitment Service that their remaining family will be able to attend.

Des and I wish Sarah and Jason many years of happiness together with their young family and we hope the move back to Tasmania brings them the joy that only close family can provide.

John Dendy J.D. Celebrancy

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