After the Wedding

Change of name after marriage

“Any person who marries in Australia may choose to assume their spouse’s surname. This is done as a matter of custom and not of law. A certificate of marriage issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is usually sufficient evidence to have personal documentation changed to a married surname.” (

Please remember that the Ceremonial Wedding Certificate you were given at any wedding in Perth is not the legal certificate of Marriage. This can be obtained by completing this form and submitting it with the appropriate fees. Once you have your official marriage certificate you can proceed to changing all your personal identification such as Medicare, Drivers license, passports etc.

There are even kits now, that make this simpler such as this and  this for example.

Thank-You Notes

As tempting as it may be to send e-mail thank-yous, it is still most proper to send hand-written notes, and to hand-write the envelopes. Break the task into smaller items and share the load. Use a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anyone and reward yourself when you’ve completed the task.

Photo Selection

Set aside a few hours to review all the photos together without making any firm decisions. Then find  a rating system that allows you to easily exclude the ones that don’t make the grade. Don’t forget to include all the photos that family and friends will send you. Look for discount codes on or from Shutterfly and other e-photo sites to get money-saving offers like 100 prints for free, 50% off or free shipping.

Your Gown

  • Cleaning and Preserving Your Gown – ask your friends and / or wedding coordinator for recommendations of which gown preservation specialist they used, and if they were happy with the service. Make sure you point out any spots or stains, which need special attention. On its return ensure it is kept in a place away from heat, cold, humidity or water.
  • Donate your gown to a program such as “The Angel Gown Program”  who handcraft Angel Gown garments which are then gifted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Hospitals all around Australia for babies who are stillborn. Another is Brides Against Breast Cancer.
  • Re-design your gown so that it is more usable

Return cleaned borrowed Items to the lenders quickly and in great condition.

Review Your Vendors

A lot of vendors in Perth, especially independent ones, rely on word of mouth to book more jobs. If you are happy with their services, posting reviews on the site you found them or post on their Facebook page will let others know how great the vendor was. Let family and friends know who they were and pass on their details.

If you are not happy with a vendor, your first port of a call should be to contact the vendor directly. Explain your concerns and allow the vendor the opportunity to reply.

Posting scathing reviews on forums and social media may help you vent your frustrations in the short term but will not address the issue or allow the vendor to assist.

Figuring Out the Money Stuff

Once you’re married you have more options available to you on your taxes, with your banking, etc. It’s time to make some decisions. Are you going to be married and filing jointly or separately? Are you joining bank accounts? How will you pay for things? What about retirement? The article about life as a couple talks more about the practical aspects (like money issues) of joining two lives together.

Setting Up House

Make sure that everybody knows how to find you. File the change of address forms with your credit cards, banks, and utilities. Make sure you have your mail forwarded to you at your new place (if there is one). Make sure, if one person is moving into the other person’s rented home that their name is added to the rental or leasing agreement. Start packing and prepping for the move if it is going to be happening soon! One great way to save time with this is to include your new address with your thank you notes. It’s cheap and easy to buy some pre-made “I moved!” forms for just this purpose!

Take Care of Gift Returns and Exchanges – If you received multiples of a gift, or a gift that is unsuitable, decide which one you will keep and which ones will be taken back and exchanged—and for what you will be exchanging it.