Many people are not aware that they don’t have to have their Funeral Services in a church or Funeral Home. An alternative to this could be to have their funeral and memorial services int he Swan Valley, Perth, in a beautiful outdoor setting, where family and friends can gather to celebrate and mourn the loss of their loved one. For those who find the prospect of entering a funeral home or graveyard crematorium daunting and upsetting, offering an alternative will allow the family an opportunity to mourn the loss of their loved one in an environment other than a Funeral Home.

The Mallard Duck, in the beautiful Swan Valley, will offer an alternative location for the conduction of funerals in idyllic surrounds. The service can be conducted with the lake and fountain as a beautiful backdrop, with other spots available for silent meditation and thoughts! The Restaurant is also able to provide facilities for memorial services and wakes and are able to provide catering for the bereaved family and friends. John, as the Funeral Celebrant, will provide personalised customer care and individual ceremonies to meet individual needs! John is a member of the Funeral Celebrant Association of Australia and has a Certificate IV in funeral celebrants training and has conducted ceremonies not only in Australia but Africa as well.

The facility has adequate parking, as well as restaurant facilities. Funerals can be held at any time on Mondays and Tuesdays and before 1100am, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Seating is available for up to 120 people, with toilet facilities available.

A PA system is provided so the service can be heard and music played. Power is available should the funeral home or client request a photographic DVD to be played during the service or in the segment put aside for Eulogies. Currently, the screen would need to be supplied by the undertakers or family however there will be provision for this at a later date.

Plans are underway for the construction of a small chapel for small services and for quiet meditation.

Unlike other venues, the length of the service can be negotiated. This will allow family and friends to pay their respects in their own time. The deceased can then be transported to the final resting place without the pressure experienced at Crematoria. This will enhance the dignity and respect shown towards the grieving family.

As the World turns from a consumable society to one that is environmentally aware the location is suitable for this concept; but also the traditional standards will still be adhered to.


The Mallard Duck management and J.D. Celebrancy would love to explore this concept with you.

John @ J.D. Celebrancy on 92976121, 043 982 1195 or 043 982 1195 or
Alain at the Mallard Duck 92961352, 0488 081 221 or 048 808 1221

Looking forward to helping you bring meaning and closure as you mourn the loss of a loved one!








John Dendy J.D. Celebrancy

0439 821 195